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18th June 2012

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A video clip of this historic event:


Chinese Astronauts entered the Tiangong-1 Prototype Orbital Space Module early this morning, marking a significant milestone in Chinese Aerospace history. The three-member crew of Shenzhou 9, with the first Chinese female Astronaut, is seen here waving at a television camera shortly after the hatch opening. Commander Jing Haipeng is seen below immediately after opening the hatch between the two space crafts. Shenzhou 9’s orbital module will act as the kitchen, toilet, and living facilities of the two-ship complex, while Tiangong-1 will be primarily for research and on-orbit operations. The crew is expected to stay at the module for ten days. This is China’s fourth manned spaceflight, and first long duration mission, expected to last anywhere from 12-14 days.

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